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There’s nothing quite like getting the feeling of pride and patriotism from your fellow countrymen to pull on your heart strings and remind you of whats important. Thats exactly what some American companies have accomplished throughout the years through their advertising.
Remember the 2011 Budweiser Super Bowl tribute to 911, showing the iconic Clydesdales with the Statue of Liberty in the Background? Or this Clint Eastwood commercial for Chrysler?

But our favorite pick for this week is this George Washington Challenger Freedom commercial - reminding us of the war for Independence… but of course with a twist.

The commercial does an exceptional job of playing off of values and materializing feelings of pride within Americans that already exist. It isn’t creating new ideas for its target market, just reminding them of who they really are. And just like that, we can identify with the product.

“There are a couple things Americans got right: cars and freedom."


Jennifer Bailey

Written by Jennifer Bailey

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